Hi I have just bought a LG HR698D Blu-Ray/DVD Recorder. I used a Hack below to change the region *{WARNING DON'T USE WILL PERMANTLY CHANGE TO REGION ONE]*

I have a R4 DVD and B for Blu-Ray. As far as I know, this machine is the Australian equivalent of around BD670. An old hack brings up the old hexadecimal region fix, which is very frustrating. You can get the 'options' screen up when you key in (WARNING!) #1472 after inserting a region rejected disc. I toyed around with the hex values and none of them had any perceivable effect, that is until I adjusted the first two, and in so doing it triggers some sort of internal default, and all the hex on the page is consequently changed and the machine becomes locked on Region 1 for DVD and Region A for Blu Ray–that's even worse! Also other values there get overwritten and unless you noted them down before hand (which I thankfully did) and are willing to spend a significant amount of time navigating about the screen reinserting them, the entire layout will be screwed up on your machine. The hex starts with "41 55 00 A2" on my machine. 41 and 55 are letters "AU". 41 = A, 42 = B … 55 = U. If the number you key in exceeds this alphabetical threshold, I think that's what triggers this default. Changing the country there has NO effect on the region codes. For some strange reason, only a select few values are listed in white and easily navigatable, although you can use little tricks to get to every value except for those on the third line. I can confirm on the 3rd uneditable line, my machine was originally "02 00 00 00 04 00 00 00". Ever since the default trigger, it is now displaying "01 00 00 00 01 00 00 00", which indicates the third line controls the region codes, but frustratingly there is no way to change them!

Can anyone figure out how to revert back to factory state? or to remove region totally …. or even some other code to get into the guts so I can try myself as I have nothing to lose.

Please help!

contact me at peter@sloanfamilyoz.net