1. Download super_disk.iso
  2. Burn the ISO file to a CD-R
  3. Put the CD-R into the player
  4. The player will load and then reject the CD-R
  5. Try play a DVD from another region


The above worked for my player with the BDP83-40-0925 firmware. This is for DVD only. I have not found a way to change Blu-ray.

11/24/09 My player has firmware BDP83-40-0925. I tried it and the player will not recognize the ISO file. It does not autoplay it goes to a root file menu and shows the file as empty. I burned two different disks and used a thumb drive with no effect.

11/28/2009 My player has firmware BDP83-40-0925, recognize the ISO file, reject the CD-RW and bingo!! Works perfectly. Thanks!

12/10/2009 Yeah, I have the same result as the poster above from 11/24/2009. I checked my firmware version (BDP83-40-0925) and I get the Home Menu screen. Oh, well.

12/25/2009 My BDP83SE has firmware BDP83-46-1210. Does anybody know if the steps above work with it? If not, is there any other file for this newer firmware?

12/12/2009 For posted in 11/24/2009 and 12/10/2009, you need build a CD with this ISO (Image File of CD), no a CD with ISO file as a file!!!. I have firmware version (BDP83-40-0925) and works perfectly. Tested with DVD of Region 1, 2 and 4, Region 0, Region all and MultiRegion excluding 1.

01/08/2010 I upgraded my BDP-83 with new firmware (BDP83-48-1224), the bad new is the cracked previous has gone, but I insert this CD with new firmware and Voila!! Works with DVD's of Region 1, 2 and 4, Region 0, Region all and MultiRegion excluding 1. As I know, the BDP-83SE only difering with previous BDP-83 in Audio board and Power board, the video board is the same, the new firmware is for both player, You can Try, I think is crack work for you. 07/13/2010 Hi, Can someone please tell me step by step how I build a cd (using Toast Titanium on my Mac G4) with this ISO (Image file of CD)? Thanks!

01/25/2010 Yes! This works with the latest firmware (BDP83-48-1224)

03/27/10 Can anybody tell me if this hack will work with BDP-80?

03/30/2010 Has somebody tried to run this after the latest beta firmware (BDP83-50-0323B) released on 03/29?

07/05/2010 I tried this hack on my brand new Oppo BDP-83 (upgraded to 1224 firmware) and works perfectly for DVDs. There is a comment on www.videohelp.com about inserting the disc every time you turn on the player, it´s not necessary. I turned off the player many times and the hack is still working. Nice.

05/27/2010 I used it on the latest firmware (BDP83-50-0424) and it plays my region 2 PALs fine, but no subtitles show (tried 2 separate DVDs)

06/05/2010 Works with the latest firmware (BDP83-48-1224). Just unzip the contents and maintain the directory SUPER at the root directory of the CD. Thanks. I had disks for PAL that was a gift I could not play so far but now I am free.

07/05/2010 Actually, subtitles do work with latest (BDP83-50-0424) firmware. You need to adjust the subtitle position by pressing and holding the <SUBTITLE> button, then shift the subtitles UP with the up arrow. For some reason the default position of the subs is below the visible portion of the screen.

10/09/2010 This worked as advertised. I put the whole Super folder on a CD, and the Oppo spat it out almost immediately. (I am using BDP83-50-0424 firmware and a Sony 120 Hz 46" NTSC TV via HDMI.) I can now play Region 2 DVDs, but they have two problems: (1) moving images appear very jumpy, as if some video frames are being skipped instead of showing them all, and (2) voices are noticeably higher pitched than normal. I have tested this with several R2 DVDs (e.g., Northanger Abbey and Quantum Leap). Are both of these problems completely unavoidable in the conversion from 50 Hz PAL to 60 Hz NTSC (or 60 Hz NTSC to 50 Hz PAL to 60 Hz NTSC for Quantum Leap), and everyone just lives with them? Or do other people not experience these problems, or find some way around them? Thanks!

02/20/2011 This still works with the new BDP-93 model (BDP9xEU-38-0126). This is for DVD only. As noted before, it also changes the display option of the subtitles (easy fixed).

08/08/2012 worked with firmware BDP83-59-0117 on my BDP-83. Just checked that recognized Region 1-2-4. I haven't seen any movie but a few seconds of each. Thank you all !

11/03/2012 seems to have worked with my BDP-103 which was updated to the current firmware

12/02/12 Worked perfectly on BDP-105. Patch took only 5 seconds to load and then eject. Now plays DVD Region 4 PAL discs on NTSC TV.

01/05/13 BDP-105 R1 plays R2 as well now. Great!

1/14/13 BDP-103 R1 now plays R2 and PAL format on NTSC t.v. That was easy! with either S 01/25/13 BDP-105 Works excellent! now I'm able to play Region 1 and Region 4 for Mexico.

02/01/2013 BDP-95 with latest firmware loads the CD-R and just switches to the home screen. Does not work with either Super directory or ISO files. Anyone tried and got a different result? *You need to burn the ISO file onto the CD-R, it will not work if you copy the files.*

05/15/2013 Burnt the ISO file onto the CD-R but does not work with BDP-95. Like you said, just goes to home screen.

23/05/2013 BDP-93-61-1219 (Jul 27 2012); Sub ver. MCU93-06-1008 CN0300; Uboot ver. 5485; DVD region 0 (it works). If you open Factory menu and press OK then it resets the DVD region to default and you need to use Super Disk again. If you press RETURN from Factory menu then DVD region 0 is maintained. To open factory menu: SETUP,0,7,7,0

10/27/2013 BDP-95 with firmware # BDB9x-79-0910 - downloaded today. After the download, I burnt the Superdisk ISO file to an LG CD-R (recording speed: 1x) using ImageBurn, which accomplished it very fast. When finished, I threw it into the BDP-95, which loaded it and ejected it just a few seconds afterwards. In order to be in the safe side of things, I switched the Oppo off and restarted it. I threw a Region 4 DVD and it worked flawlessly well. The Oppo BDP-95 is now a Region Free (DVD) player.

6/1/14 BDP-103 (Firmware # BDP10X-75-0515)It still works with some work – Downloaded today, burn ISO file to DVD with Free ISO burner 1.2. The Player didn't recognize the disc and just booted to home screen. Tried an R3 Disc didn't work. I placed the ISO DVD back in, booted to home screen again, but this time I turned the player off, turned back on, the disc loaded and then the player open the tray by it self. I Put Back in the R3 DVD to test (Region 3) and it works. No skipping and voices all line up and works great.

6/1/14 BDP-105 (Firmware # BDP10X-50-0422) Works Great!!! Downloaded the ISO File on an Airmac, I burned it using Disk Utility, loaded the disk on the Oppo Player, it read it for 2 seconds and Ready!! I loaded several Region 4 Dvds and a couple of Blu Rays bought in Mexico and they work perfectly!!!!

6/28/14 BDP-103 (Firmware # BDP10X-75-0515) Some progress, but I still have one major issue. Burned ISO file on to CD-ROM, loaded disc into Player, disc loaded and then the player opened tray by it self. Put in Region 2+4 Colour PAL UK DVD and audio came through loud and clear but no video. Any thoughts/suggestions on how to proceed?

8/24/17 BDP-103D (Firmware # 10XEU-80-1031) Seems to work perfectly fine with my one DVD from other regions.