Philips DVP3600/12

I was unable to unlock this player with the included remote, following instructions for other players. When I got my hands on a store bought universal Philips remote I pressed 'MENU' instead of 'SETUP' and otherwise followed the instructions for Philips DVP3800. So, using a universal Philips remote:

  1. Select MENU
  2. Using the arrow down button highlight PREFERENCE
  3. Press NEXT, PREVIOUS, NEXT, PREVIOUS ( >, <, >, < )above the audio and subtitle buttons.
    • Your current region should show on the TV screen
  4. Using the arrow down button select region code 0
  5. Press OK

Note: After using the universal remote, the included remote worked. Maybe the universal remote unlocked the player somehow? All I know is, I couldn't make it work before with the included remote.