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-1.Press DVD "​OPEN/​CLOSE"​ key (RC (remote Control) or main unit) to open the DVD tray (note:if no disc on tray,then you have not to open it);  +===== Philips MCD183 =====
-2.Press RC "​SYSTEM"​ key to enter DVD system setup menu;  +
-3.Press RC "​direction "key to hightlight the forth item "​PREFERENCE PAGE" (not entering the sub-item );  +
-4.Press RC numeric key sequentially 811502(entery code,no display on TV);  +
-5.Press RC "down direction"​ or "up direction"​ key to change REGION CODE,"​0"​ is  +
-all code.  +
-6.Press RC "​OK"​ key to confirm.  +
-7.Press RC "​SYSTEM"​ key to exit DVD system setup menu. +
- +
- +
 +  - Open the disc tray
 +  - Press the SYSTEM key to enter DVD system setup menu
 +  - Highlight "​PREFERENCE PAGE" using the arrow keys
 +  - Enter 811502
 +  - Using the UP/DOWN keys, change the REGION CODE setting to"​0"​
 +  - Press OK
 +  - Press SYSTEM to exit