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 +Sony DVP-FX1, Sony DVP-FX1021, Sony DVP-FX700, Sony DVP-FX701, Sony
 +DVP-FX705, Sony DVP-FX720,
 +Sony DVP-FX730, Sony DVP-FX750, Sony DVP-FX755, Sony DVP-FX810, Sony
 +DVP-FX810R, Sony DVP-FX811,
 +Sony DVP-FX820, Sony DVP-FX825, Sony DVP-FX850, Sony DVP-FX870, Sony
 +Sony DVP-FX930, Sony DVP-FX935, Sony DVP-FX94, Sony DVP-FX950, Sony
 +DVP-FX955, Sony DVP-FX970
 +The DVP-FX range uses one of a set number of sequences, depending on your
 +model'​s firmware settings.
 +All the known sequences are listed below and can be tested on your player.
 +One of them will make your player region-free.
 +When you attempt to play a disc from a foreign region, you'll notice:
 +The player displays "Load Disk" while the DVD spins. After a few seconds the
 +DVD player will display "Wrong Region."​
 +However, during a 1 second period before "Wrong Region"​ is displayed,
 +there'​s an opening where the chapter select works.
 +There '​is'​ a downside, to using the following hack -
 +once the region error is displayed, the DVD player will lock out all controls
 +aside from "Set Up" on the remote.
 +1. Load the disc into player
 +2. Power up the player and listen to it spin up
 +3. Hit 1-enter, 1-enter (or any chapter-enter) at a steady pace
 +4. The player will skip to the appropriate chapter and begin playing
 +5. 'Wrong region'​ will display on the screen and controls will lock out
 +6. Hit "Set Up" on remote twice to clear the screen
 +If it does not work, try steps 2-6 again.
 +It isn't perfect, but it's the best hack around.
 +Since some DVDs insist on going directly to the main menu, the controls are
 +locked out by then.
 +Quite a few others play happily the main feature on Chapter 1.
 +Failing that, try:
 +1. Power on the DVD player
 +2. Open the DVD compartment
 +3. Quickly tap in the following code using the remote: 2812
 +4. Highlight the region code
 +5. Change region code to 9 for region-free using the ENTER button
 +6. Tap CLEAR to exit
 +1. Open the DVD lid of the player
 +2. Press 0 on the remote a couple of times until the "​Region Management Test
 +Mode" screen comes up
 +3. Select the region you want on the remote
 +4. Do as the menu says and press the pause key to "​exit"​
 +5. Close lid and watch your DVD 
 http://​www.videohelp.com/​dvdhacks/​sony-dvp-fx970/​11484 http://​www.videohelp.com/​dvdhacks/​sony-dvp-fx970/​11484