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-Hi. My name’s Delta White. I’m an up-and-coming adult film star and TV personality from the UK. Welcome to my blog. This site is pretty new, as is most of my work, so bear with me as everything comes together, and my webmaster and I iron out all of the little details. I plan to keep this updated regularly with previews of all of my latest photo & video shoots for my paid members area site, any other site I shoot for, and any last minute news and info regarding my work. So make sure you bookmark this blog, and if you like what I do, be sure to join my pay site to support me…I promise to continue to shoot the hottest scenes you have ever seen, and I will not disappoint you. ;) xoxoxo. 
-If you are you looking for more info on DeltaWhite ([[http://​www.deltawhitesblog.com|click the up coming webpage]]) take a look at www.deltawhitesblog.com